Fireplace Delia accumulating ivory 7,5kW

Nominal heat output [kW] 7,5
Regulation range of unit [kW] 3,8÷11,2
Heating capacity [m3] 98 ÷ 180
Fuel - wood
Fuel - lignite briquettes
Dimensions (h,w,d) [mm] 1737×530×465
External air supply
Flue pipe diameter [mm] 150
Upper pipe connection
Net weight [kg] 186
Flue gas flow - wood [g/s] 6,9
Flue gas flow - lignite briquettes [g/s] 8,9
Chimney draught [Pa] 12

Salvestav/ Varaava/ Accumulation


Joonis/ Mittapiirros/ Drawing


  • Model: F9489243111
  • Shipping Weight: 186 lbs
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