Fireplace Tora 8kW

Weight 153kg

Dimensions 435x435x1643mm

TORA is a modern wood-burning stove with a simple and elegant finish, with a two-sided vision of fire. The goat is enriched with a steel black handle for opening the door and a click-clack system to safely close the combustion chamber.


Double-sided fire vision.

Fireplace paint resistant to high temperatures.

Glass ceramics with high heat resistance up to 660ºC.

Black frame around the glass to deepen the vision of fire.

Double glazing on the sides increases the tightness of the combustion chamber and reduces heat radiation to optimise the wood burning process.

Lining of the combustion chamber with accumulation panels of a new generation Termotec - more efficient burning and longer temperature maintenance.

Deeper combustion chamber - to accommodate more wood.

Original door closing system click-clack - gives safety of closing and firm locking.

Clean glass system.

Possibility to install flue gas outlet fi 150 either from the top or from the back.

Removable grate and ash pan.

Suitable for homes with recuperation.

Adapted to connect the air intake from outside.

  • Shipping Weight: 169 lbs
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