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Cooktop 295x325mm without the frame, including hotplate 207mm


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SVT fireplace mouldings are made of cast iron that has proved to be the best material for fireplaces over the years. Cast iron withstands high temperatures and does not deform due to big temperature differences.

PAINT: All products are painted with two-component Thermodur 600 heat-standing paint that can withstand heat up to 600°C. It would be wise to have good fresh air flow during the first times of heating as some oil fumes might evaporate.

MAINTENANCE: All cleaning and maintenance procedures should be done when the mouldings are cold. Cat iron parts should be cleaned with cooking-oil that will form a protective cover on cast iron. Glass should be cleaned with ashes, to have the best result you should use a damp cloth and stick it in the ashes and then wipe the glass with it. To clean the glass from the ashes use a dry cloth.

WARRANTY: Fireplace mouldings are covered with one-year warranty that will cover any production mistakes. Reclamations should be made in written together with proof of purchase. Any mishandling, assembly mistakes or misusing will not be covered by warranty.


  • Model: 320
  • Shipping Weight: 6kg

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