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Centralheating pellet cooker Alfa Term 20 black 20kW


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-Multifunctional pellet stove for floor heating with top design and quality

-New generation of electronic components guarantee safe operation and high levels of pellet use 

-With the application of modern technology, high performance is achieved in both heating and food preparation

-The casing made of quality sheet metal protected with paint, varnish and enamel all resistant to high temperatures

-Fire box made of special fire-resistant cast, combustion chamber made of special sheet metal and boiler made of sheet metal intended for boilers

-Enamelled oven for high quality and even baking in a tray included with the stove 

-All components necessary for the functioning of the system (expansion vessel, water pump, safety and air valve) factory-built into the product 

-Weekly programming of the stove

-Possibilllity of operation the stove at 5 levels of power 

-Built-in safety thermostats prevent self-ignition of the stove 

1. Cooker dimensions:
- width 1100 mm
- depth 600 mm
- height 850 mm
2. Diameter of the flue connection 80/100 mm
3. Diameter of the air inlet opening on the outer wall 100 mm
4. Height from the floor to the axis of the flue connection 690 mm
5. Rated power of the cooker 20 KW
6. Heat radiation of the cooker at nominal power 4,8 KW
7. Heat transferred to water at nominal power 15,2 KW
8. Maximum consumption 4,75 kg/h
9. Utilization degree at maximum power 87,1 %
10. Minimum power of the cooker 5,8KW
11. Heat radiation of the cooker at minimum power 1,5 KW
12. Heat transferred to water at minimum power 4,3KW
13. Minimum consumption 1,32 kg/h
14. Utilization degree at minimum power 91,9%
15. Minimum draft 10Pa
16. Optimum draft 14Pa
17. Heating capacity 275 - 350 m3
18. Fuel storage capacity 30 kg
19. Maximum operating time with full storage 20h
20. Minimum operating time with full storage 6,4 h
21. Maximum output power 370 W
22. Voltage and frequency 230V / 50Hz
23. Cooker weight:
- net 210kg
- gross 238kg
24. CO2 emission (13% O2) at nominal heat output 0,020%
25. CO2 emission (13% O2) at minimum heat output 0,020%
26. Mass flow-rate of flue gases at nominal heat output 17,6g/sec
27. Mass flow-rate of flue gases at minimum heat output 8,7g/sec
28. Temperature of flue gases at nominal heat output 182oC
29. Temperature of flue gases at minimum heat output 81oC
30. Water content in the boiler 35 litara
31. Maximum operating pressure 2bar.

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  • Model: 751
  • Shipping Weight: 238kg

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