Centralheating pellet stove Commo beige 21kW

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-Width 582 mm
-Depth 620 mm
-Height 1200 mm
Diameter of the forge hood connection 80 mm
Diameter of the external air intake 100 mm
Height from the floor to the forge hood connection axis 350 mm
Maximum power 20,78 KW
Maximum power by radiating 2,92 KW
Maximum power of the boiler 17,86 KW
Boiler volume 32l
Working water pressure is recommended to be 1 2 bars, ideally between 1.2 and 1.6 bar
Maximum consumption 5,05 kg/h
Degree of utilization with the maximum power 86,09 %
Minimum power 7,02 KW
Minimum power by radiating 1,52 KW
Minimum power of the boiler 5.5 KW
Minimum consumption 1,7 Kg/h
Degree of utilization with the minimum power 86,69 %
Minimum draught 5 Pa
Optimal draught 12 Pa
Heating volume 275-350 m3
Capacity of the funnel-shaped fuel tank 45 kg
Maximum operating time with a full tank 30 h
Minimum operating time with a full tank 10 h
Maximum output power 450 W
Voltage/frequency 230V/50Hz
-Net 196 kg
-Gross 225 kg
Fluegas temperature 146C
This stove is designed to combust fuel made of pressed wood mass (pellets with a diameter of 6 mm to 7 mm, length
of about 30 mm and maximum moisture of 8-9%)
Furnace has following built-in components:
-safety valve,
-circulating pump,
-automatic air vent valve,
-expansion tank and
-fill and drain cock
Safety distances to combustable materials:
back: 100mm
sides: 100mm
front: 800mm

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