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SVT fireplace doors are assembly-ready complexes. The frame of the door can be attached to the fireplace either during the masonry with pins or afterwards with screws. When using pins, the frame must be firmly supported for masonry and drying-phase. When using screws, the frame must be attached by drilling holes of Ø 4 mm to the masonry and by attaching it with screws of Ø 5 mm. When using screws, they must not cause tensile to frame, so don’t screw them too tight against frame!

Due to the difference in heat expansion between the stone and casting materials, you must leave a hole of 5 mm between the frame and masonry, which must be calked with mineral wool (included in the package) as shown in the picture below. The installation hole in masonry must be at least the size 420x420 mm for the frame of the size 410x410 mm.

The fireplace door can be covered during the masonry for example with cooking oil. It is also possible to detach the door of the frame for the time of installation.

The floor surrounding the fireplace must be protected from the sparks; the covered area should reach min. 10 cm sideways to both sides of the door and 40 cm to the front. You can use the SVT floor protection glass.


You must reserve some time for the new fireplace to dry and instructions of the manufacturer must be followed. All the casting parts of the fireplace should be cleaned before the first heating and check the operation of the fireplace door.

It is recommended to use wood that is dry and equal in size for the heating to gain the best possible heating capacity. The wood should be placed as far as possible from the glass surfaces, the minimum distance 15 cm.

The air holes of the ash and fireplace door must be kept fully opened when firing the wood, so that there will be enough of combustion air. The incoming air can be adjusted by using the air holes of the ash door and fireplace door.

The glass and metal parts of the fireplace door will heat up during the heating. Avoid direct contact or touching!
Due to the danger of carbon monoxide, do not close the smoke damper before the burning is completely finished and coals are extinguished.


The most important maintenance functions include the removal of the ash from the ash chamber and chimney-sweeping. By doing this, the access of the incoming air will be sufficient and the grate lasts longer.

The fastening screw of the glass and the hinge pins of the door must be checked and tightened regularly. Due to the heat expansion, the screws should not be tightened too much.

The spots appearing to the doors and glasses can be removed by using a wet towel or alkalic cleanser. Difficult spots can be removed by cooking oil. The soot attached to the glass can be removed by abrasive cleanser. After the cleaning, the casting parts can be wiped off with cooking oil to avoid corrosion. If needed, the casting parts can be painted with heatproof paint (400°C). Paint can be purchased from a hardware store.